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 Mobile Application Design

 Mobile is utmost requirement and very common usage media nowadays.  Today Mobile Software and Mobile Utilities has taken the place for Computers and Laptops in many cases.  Mobile Users can see emails online, chat online and so many things are there which is in mobile and easy to use.  

Aaliya Enterprise can develop Mobile Solutions of your need and develop it according to your need and requirement.  Pinsoftek will provide complete solutions and support to give you the ease in work.

We have couple of projects completed for range of customers with higher Quality and better Customer Satisfaction.

Some of Our Mobile Application Design

Contractor Mobile Application

This Application created for Contractor who can save the detail of their debtors/creditors , employees etc . Its also store all the detail of their Business Contact with Person Image. 

Maths Mobile Application

This Application created for Children who want to learn mathematics. Using this applicaiton children will be learn maths with fun.

Bluetooth Chatting Mobile Application

This Application created for Youngster who want do chatting together but the most important is here person can chat via Bluetooth , Its fun for all the age people. 

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